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One of the most important missions at LACFLA is to be able to not only help couples who are divorcing through the collaborative divorce process but also help the many various professionals who make up the growing group of collaborative divorce teams in California.

By offering free monthly professional educational sessions through various discussion groups, LACFLA can help other professionals, such as attorneys, financial experts and mental health professionals, become educated on how they can assist clients during a collaborative divorce.

These various professionals also learn how working collaboratively with a team of experts can help couples divorce more positively while staying away from court and litigation.

In March 2021, Jami Fosgate, who chairs the LACFLA Marketing Committee and Programs Committee, virtually hosted an educational discussion group,

During this event, Jami focused on the interesting experiences in collaborative cases that reinforce why and how a collaborative team approach allows for unique problem-solving solutions that a traditional, litigated court divorce cannot offer.

Alex Weinberger, a member of LACFLA, attended this free event. He shared how the discussion group reinforces why consensual dispute resolution through the collaborative divorce process is a wonderful option.

You can use language that better addresses humanity – addresses couples pain points, fears, and concerns. In contrast, those words don’t have a place in the legal system.

Many professionals who work in collaborative divorce and consensual dispute resolution share the desire to help families and better the world – not just hammer the other side but strive to improve their clients’ quality of life during a traumatic life experience.

Spouses using this divorce process are treated as people and their family as an enduring unit worthy of being preserved by maximizing the outcome for all family members involved.

It allows the professionals on the team to focus on the spouse’s underlying interests instead of just solving the issues one by one – as a court would do in a potentially costly manner.

The collaborative team of professionals can work with the underlying issues and come up with optimal solutions for addressing the interests of all the family members.

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