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The process of collaborative law concentrates on constructive problem-solving instead of litigating. Due to this, the role of the collaborative law lawyer looks extremely different from that of a conventional lawyer. collaborative divorce attorneyThe information below is going to aid you in understanding the differences between the roles of the traditional attorney and the Collaborative Law attorney. Participants may take comfort in the realization that those principles apply to both lawyers, and not just their own.

The Los Angeles Collaborative Law attorney is going to:

  • Cooperate with you to aid you in identifying all of your interests. “Interest” involves something that’s fundamentally important to you. All of your interests include the underlying reasons why you request something (a “position”).
  • Aid you in identifying all available choices and aid you in determining which option(s) better meets your interests. In addition, the Collaborative attorney is going to aid you in considering the other individual’s interests, as well as aid in figuring out how an agreement may maximize both your interests.
  • Work along with you to develop efficient communication and negotiation skills.
  • Advise you of the legal problems that are involved with your case. The Collaborative Law lawyer has the exact same duty as the traditional lawyer to alert you to the relevant legal problems in your case, as well as a reasonable array of outcomes.
  • Be a negotiating partner while additionally empowering you to negotiate upon your behalf.
  • Aid you in understanding and considering the other person’s viewpoint.
  • Aid you in approaching the case in a problem-solving, constructive manner instead of a win-lose, adversarial manner.

The Collaborative Law lawyer is not going to:

  • Take advantage of mistakes, errors or misstatements by the additional participant or anyone who is involved with the case.
  • Conceal or hide assets.
  • File a case in a court of law or threaten to file a case in a court of law (except that all paperwork is going to be filed at the end of a case after all people involved have signed them – no appearance in a court of law is required).
  • Approach the case within a win-lose, combative manner.
  • Make the other participant look bad or attack the other participant.

Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association provides you an option of working with collaborative divorce attorneys and professionals who address all financial, legal, and emotional elements of divorce, as well as other kind of commercial and civil disputes.

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