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Keeping Peace With Your Ex During the Holidays

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Under normal circumstances, the holidays can increase our emotional stressors and tension levels for many reasons. Just the simple factor of the extra hustle and bustle can be enough to rob us of the “merry” moments. But when you add on the layer of divorce – it’s understandable why emotions run high during the holiday […]

How To Get Through the First Holiday During Your Divorce

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The first time you go through the holidays during a divorce can be an agonizing experience. All the traditions and schedules you have created feel like they have been turned upside down and left in pieces in your heart. Experts feel the emotions you feel during a marital separation can be similar to what people […]

Divorcing Before the Holidays? How a Collaborative Divorce Might Be Right for You

While it’s not a present that one dreams about receiving during the holidays, divorce happens more than most realize during this time, and it can be a complicated process. However, all is not lost, and your holidays are not doomed to disaster. When you choose to work within the collaborative divorce framework, a peaceful holiday […]

Secrets To Not Letting the Holidays Wreck Your Finances

When you are in the midst of a marital separation, the holidays can be extremely stressful, not only emotionally, but financially as well. Often, we find that our clients feel that in order to make a fantastic Christmas, they need to have a holiday filled with over-the-top gift-giving to help cover up and ease the […]