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What Are the Steps of a Collaborative Divorce?

Lawyer and client sitting at desk with divorce papers

If you are looking for a stay-out-of-court approach, then a collaborative divorce might be the best path forward for you. The collaborative process utilizes a non-adversarial, non-litigated, confidential approach to divorce.  In the collaborative process you will each have an attorney and may have other professionals such as financial or mental health experts for each […]

Zealous Representation As Compared to Zealous Advocacy A Comparison of Litigation and Collaborative Practice

By Michelle Daneshrad The two people who share everything that is important to them, their children, their finances, their peace of mind, are placed in competition with each other in the litigation model.  In the Collaborative model, the couple are supported by legal, financial, and mental health professionals to listen, understand, communicate their needs, and […]

The Sum of our Histories

by Rebecca Fisher One of my colleagues recently wrote a blog for this column about working with our clients as we find them. The same holds true for the professional members of the team. The collective history of the people at a team meeting is vast. We sometimes forget when aggravated by a professional member’s […]