Property Division Basics

Among the most basic elements of divorce includes the process of property division. The couple who is separating has to choose who is going to take possession of cars, homes, art pieces, as well as other valuables property divisionduring the divorce. In addition, in some cases, the spouses also have to divide all debts that were acquired during the marriage. To make sure that your rights are protected throughout the process in a fair, respectful manner, you should enlist the services of a committed legal professional who has been collaboratively trained and find out how respectful and peaceful your divorce can be – without going to court!

Questions You Should Consider

While developing property division contracts, lawyers usually have to get a better understanding of the clients’ property and every item’s importance to the separating partners. To figure out how to divide up the property, you might be asked the below questions in regard to each of the possessions:

  • What contribution did you actually make to purchasing the item?
  • What’s the value of the possession in question?
  • Is the possession used for any work-associated purposes?
  • Was the possession bought together or formerly owned by you or your spouse?

When you decide to divorce using the collaborative divorce process, property division is negotiated by all parties in a fair and respectful manner, as is the entire divorce.  By utilizing a team that consists of an attorney for each spouse, a financial neutral and mental health professional (divorce coach, child specialist, etc.), all aspects of the divorce are handled fairly with a goal towards keeping your family unit intact.

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