Parenting Goals

parent-goals-kids-friendlyThe following goals will help you focus on the needs of your children and NOT on your conflict with the other parent.


  • We will shield our children from conflict


  • We will not use our children as messengers or confidants


  • We will not criticize the other parent in front of the children or within earshot of the children.


  • We will nurture our children’s love for both of us.


  • We will agree beforehand exactly what information will be shared with the children.


  • We will willingly share information about our children’s wellbeing such as schoolwork, extra curricular activities, and doctor’s appointments.


  • We will reassure our children that they will always have two parents that love them and the failure of our marriage is in no way a result of anything they have done or said.


  • We will encourage our children to express their feelings but we, as the parents, will make the decisions.


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