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Financial Transparency with the Collaborative Divorce Process

Woman calculating finances.

Over the past 16 years as an attorney, I have experienced many high-level litigated divorces. I have seen firsthand how court divorces divide and destroy families, most often leaving deep emotional and financial scars that are carried throughout the rest of the lives of a divorced couple. It is so disheartening to see this happen […]

How Living Through Divorce as a Child Shaped this Attorney’s Future in Collaborative Divorce

Sad child with parents that are mad at each other.

By Lynette Kim My interest in family law and the collaborative divorce process came to be partially because of personal experiences as a child during my parents’ divorce process.  Unfortunately, my parents’ divorce was not amicable.  While living in South Korea, my parents separated when I was 10 years old.  My mom and I moved to […]

Confidentiality of the Collaborative Process – Even Financial Agreements

Man holding up paper that says confidential.

Are you finding yourself starting down the divorce road? If so, one of the initial thoughts that you are most likely wrestling with is how your private family information, such as your financial information, will be handled concerning privacy, transparency, and confidentiality while the divorce terms are being agreed upon and well into the future […]

Keeping Peace With Your Ex During the Holidays

Snow background with silver ornaments

Under normal circumstances, the holidays can increase our emotional stressors and tension levels for many reasons. Just the simple factor of the extra hustle and bustle can be enough to rob us of the “merry” moments. But when you add on the layer of divorce – it’s understandable why emotions run high during the holiday […]

How To Get Through the First Holiday During Your Divorce

Woman holding holiday lights

The first time you go through the holidays during a divorce can be an agonizing experience. All the traditions and schedules you have created feel like they have been turned upside down and left in pieces in your heart. Experts feel the emotions you feel during a marital separation can be similar to what people […]

What Issues Should You Watch Out For in a Gray Divorce?

A gray divorce typically involves spouses over the age of fifty and often have been in a long-term marriage spanning more than 20 – 30 years. Divorces are increasing in this demographic, while the younger population’s divorce rate has decreased. When you come to a divorce with over 20 years of experiences, finances, emotions and […]

What You Should Know About Temporary Child Support

Are you and your spouse dealing with a separation, which will ultimately lead to a divorce? This entire process has so many moving parts, and when you have children involved, it makes it seem even more daunting. But, when you utilize the collaborative divorce process, you have a team of experts who are ready to […]

Divorce and Post-Traumatic Stress – What You Can Do

post-traumatic stress

Often our clients reflect on negative emotional flashbacks such as arguing, yelling at each other, cursing, screaming, violence or unfaithfulness as some of the catalysts for a divorce. This type of home environment likens itself to a warzone, leaving emotional scars that can last a lifetime for anyone in the family. And with these scars, […]

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