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Confidentiality of the Collaborative Process – Even Financial Agreements

Man holding up paper that says confidential.

Are you finding yourself starting down the divorce road? If so, one of the initial thoughts that you are most likely wrestling with is how your private family information, such as your financial information, will be handled concerning privacy, transparency, and confidentiality while the divorce terms are being agreed upon and well into the future […]

What steps should you take to prepare for divorce?

As it becomes clear that divorce is in your future, it’s hard to know where to start and what to do first. It’s all so overwhelming! But what if you could have a support team at your side as your divorce journey unfolds and becomes finalized? And it would most likely be more cost and […]

Building Your Self-Confidence During a Divorce

Divorce is considered a significant life event, and it is certainly reasonable to say that your self-confidence can take a big hit. And while your self-confidence can plummet, it can start to be rebuilt during your divorce, especially when you and your spouse decide to divorce by utilizing the collaborative divorce process. During the collaborative […]

How to Handle the Fear of Divorce During a Pandemic

If you’ve been thinking about a divorce but are fearful of the future, finances, being alone and/or concerned about your children, there are considerations to make. Are you in a challenging relationship and are afraid to get out? Or now that you’re staying at home together because of COVID-19, do you and your partner fight […]

COVID-19 Impact on Parenting Time, Child Support, and Divorce

Has coronavirus wrecked your parenting time strategy, your marriage, or your child support? Are you worried that this may happen? If the answer is yes, you aren’t alone. The three most typical family law questions we hear are: • With stay at home orders in place, will the kids need to be exchanged for parenting […]

How Does a Gray Divorce Affect Your Retirement?

Going through a divorce is an emotional and financial rollercoaster, but when you divorce past your 50’s, commonly called a gray divorce, the economic fallout can be much more complicated. A gray divorce can be tricky, as they often come with a complicated financial landscape – filled with investments, lots of debt, various income streams […]

Do I Need a Shark to Represent Me in My Divorce Case?

by Ken Harvey No matter whether you are the person filing for a divorce or you are the one that will be responding to the divorce Petition, you will need to find an attorney to represent you. At the time this decision will be made, your emotions will likely be running high. Your spouse may […]

3 Common Mistakes Individuals Make in a Custody Case

When you face a custody battle, anger, fear, and strong emotions take over. When you are ruled by those negative emotions, it is too easy to act irrationally, and jeopardize the very thing you are trying to protect — your relationship with your kids. When divorcing through Collaborative Practice, custody and all other agreements are […]

Ways a Mental Health Professional Helps You During Your Divorce

When you are in the deep trenches of getting a divorce, no matter how amicable, you, your spouse and your children’s mental health can be stressed beyond measure. Often times you may find yourself in flight, fight or freeze mode. Hashing out the what if’s, why’s and how could be emotional roller coasters. Did you […]

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