Building Your Self-Confidence During a Divorce

Self-confident woman with the sun at her back.Divorce is considered a significant life event, and it is certainly reasonable to say that your self-confidence can take a big hit.

And while your self-confidence can plummet, it can start to be rebuilt during your divorce, especially when you and your spouse decide to divorce by utilizing the collaborative divorce process.

During the collaborative divorce model, both of you will work with a team of experts to help resolve agreement impasses, develop co-parenting plans, and assist in dealing with any emotional distress when it comes up.

To help deal with the emotional rollercoaster of a divorce, a mental health specialist will be a part of your team. Not only can they help you and your spouse, but they can help your children too.

There are many things a mental health specialist can suggest to help your self-confidence stay healthy. Here are a few things they have suggested in the past to their clients:

  • Realize that your divorce doesn’t make you a failure
  • Grieving is a part of separation – embrace it and work through it
  • Don’t agree with your heart, agree with the facts
  • Journal your feelings – the good, the bad and the ugly, and even the funny
  • Get moving – exercise is an excellent boost to your wellbeing
  • Ask for help – you don’t have to walk this road alone – let others in

With the help of a mental health professional on your team, they will help you realize that your marital separation does not define your self-confidence level.

When you utilize the experts in the Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association, you can let down your anxiety and stress, and begin working on building back your self-confidence.

Call us today if you would like to learn more about how our members at the Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association can help you and your family through your divorce and preserve you and your family’s mental wellbeing!

Note: This information is general in nature and should not be construed as legal/financial/tax/or medical advice. You should work with your attorney, financial, medical or tax professional to determine what will work best for your situation.

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