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Victoria Kirilloff

Desigations: CDFA, Life and Health Insurance
Financial Neutral/ Personal Finance Expert
Company: Divorce Analytics
Phone Number: 424-218-0227
Office Address:
2219 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA

About Victoria:

Victoria has always been a student of money. In Russian households, children are given adult responsibilities when they are still in diapers. Victor, her father, decided that Victoria would learn to manage the finances for the family. By the age of 10, Victoria was acting as the translator between her parents and their financial advisor. The meetings were filled with charts and graphs, but Victoria realized that their financial advisor was focused on stock performance and spent little time on holistic planning and risk management. Their only advice was to “buy and hold” no matter what and did not prepare the family for the future.

During routine surgery, Victor suffered a debilitating stroke. Not only did Victoria’s personal life dramatically change overnight but so did her work life. By now, Victoria was working as the Chief Operations Officer alongside Victor in the family’s engineering and manufacturing firm. Victoria’s life screeched to a halt as she scrambled to control the crisis. It was quite a bit to manage but Victor had prepared Victoria and she used her training to find creative solutions that protected her family.

Determined to use her experience to help others, Victoria changed her professional path and began perusing her love of personal finance full time. Victoria learned the power of insurance-based financial strategies at Mutual of Omaha and received a world-class investment education at Morgan Stanley. As she worked with clients, Victoria realized a common pattern in clients as their subconscious drove their money habits and derailed their goals. Realizing that clients needed help resetting their undercover financial motives, Victoria developed the financial feelings program.

Despite the success Victoria was experiencing, her homelife was miserable; Victoria’s decade-long partnership had far exceeded its expiration date, but they were deeply financially entwined. Fulfilling her incredible desire for freedom and separation, Victoria went back to her roots of financial analysis and report writing (which is how she got her first horse). Victoria created the first Divorce Impact Analysis report that laid out the financial facts as well as different settlement ideas. After an amazingly productive conversation, Victoria and her former partner came to a resolution and peacefully separated. That’s when a lightbulb went off in Victoria’s head! Victoria saw that she could not only help others leave their timed-out marriages but also guide them to becoming financially empowered in the process.

Determined to bring a modern approach to the divorce process, Victoria founded focuses on bringing financial clarity and transparency to the divorce process and helps clients understand the comprehensive impact of proposed divorce settlements. By focusing on the financial facts, Victoria shifts the divorce process from destructive to productive. Victoria is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and holds seven other different financial services licenses and designations.

When she is not making a positive impact in the lives of her clients or building her business, you can find Victoria riding her horse or reading a book with her cat Olliver curled up at her feet.

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