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Tara McGuinness

Tara McGuinness

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3424 Carson Street
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Torrance, CA

About Tara:

Family law matters are best resolved by the parties themselves, with the assistance of knowledgeable and compassionate professionals. The alternative is to have a court, constrained by statutes and case law and with limited time and very little knowledge about you and your family, determine your future. Court should be a place of last resort. The professionals of A Better Divorce are committed to helping you fashion creative solutions to your family issues, accommodating your needs and interests and those of your family. I have been practicing law since 1981 and I am a certified specialist in family law. I have an advanced law degree in taxation and have many hours of training in mediation and collaborative law. My commitment to resolving family matters outside of court comes in large part from my many years as a litigator as well as a mediator and collaborator. If you have family law issues, the optimum resolution will be found in collaboration.

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