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ron anfuso

Ron J. Anfuso

Company: Ron J. Anfuso, CPA/ABV
Office Address:
28441 Highridge Road
Suite 110
Rolling Hills Estates, CA

About Ron J.:

As a Forensic Accountant, Mr. Anfuso has extensive experience in:
  • Analyzing the financial, accounting and tax aspects of marital dissolution matters and civil litigation cases, including business valuations, Pereira apportionment of business interests, and Van Camp analyses,
  • Determination of gross cash flow available for support,
  • Marital standard of living analyses,
  • Tracing engagements for the purposes of determining post-separation reimbursements,
  • Family Code §2640 reimbursements, and
  • Characterization of property as community or separate.
Additionally, he has performed services regarding various other family law issues including allocation of interest in pension plans and apportionment of interests in real property (Moore/Marsden calculations) and other special projects.

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