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p march

Paula March

Mental Health Professional
Phone Number: (310) 245-6814
Office Address:
205 Avenue
Suite 11
Redondo Beach,, CA

About Paula:

When going through divorce, a couple’s capacity to communicate effectively is low or non-existent. I will provide tools to help you and your spouse shift your relationship from husband/wife communication to effective co-parent communication. I can also help you better deal with anger – either yours or your spouses, reduce conflict and lower your anxiety about the divorce. An important role for coaches is to teach you and your spouse co-parenting skills and to help you create a parenting plan that addresses the special needs of your family. When children are involved, I see myself as their advocate. Statistics show that children whose parents divorce fare better when their parents are able to maintain a cooperative co-parenting relationship. As a coach, I will help you understand what you can do to minimize the negative effect divorce can have on your children. As a child specialist, I will assess how your child is coping with all the changes in his/her life that divorce inevitably brings while helping you understand your child’s individual needs.

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