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Mike Eller

Michael Eller

Office Address:
21515 Hawthorne Blvd.
Suite 820
Torrance, CA

About Michael:

I have been practicing family law for over twenty-two years. Since the beginning of my practice, it has always been my philosophy that the parties involved in a dissolution of a marriage are always better served when they reached an amicable agreement, instead of resorting to court. The Collaborative Process now gives you the tools to reach a harmonious resolution to the issues presented by divorce.

With my training and expertise, I will represent you through the “Collaborative Process” that will allow you to resolve your issues in a non-adversarial, less destructive manner. I will continue to protect your interest with the highest integrity, in a setting that will be less stressful to you and your children. Just as important, the Collaborative process will allow you to maintain your dignity and shield your children from the harmful and damaging conflict that often times accompanies traditional litigation. Throughout the process, I will be committed to insuring that your rights and interest are protected.

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