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m aronsohn

Mary Ann Aronsohn

Mental Health Professional
LACFLA Board Title: LMFT
Phone Number: (626) 441-5131
Office Address:
1910 Huntington Drive, #15
South Pasadena, CA

About Mary Ann:

If you face divorce or separation, do you want to avoid emotionally and financially expensive battles? Mary Ann Aronsohn has the skills for guiding you along a more respectful path that conserves your resources. Thousands of people have been guided by Mary Ann’s insight, expertise and compassion. She has particularly extensive experience with divorce, remarriage and co-parenting; actively teaching separated/divorced parents to work together for the good of the children. Attorneys, therapists and judges recommend her for this work. The areas of expertise Mary Ann offers include: Collaborative Divorce Coaching, Co-Parenting Coaching/Classes, and Therapy with folk struggling with divorce/separation.

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