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Kirk Kolodji

Company: Kolodji Family Law, PC
Phone Number: 310-691-9671
Office Address:
225 S. Lake Avenue
3rd Flr.
Pasadena, CA

About Kirk:

I am a family law attorney based in Pasadena with over a decade of experience in family law as a paralegal for family law firm partners and owners.  I started working in family law as a paralegal in mid 2007, and have been a family law attorney since late 2019.  I founded my own firm to be able to provide clients with an alternative to the unfocused and endless litigation of bigger firms.

I joined Los Angeles County Collaborative Family Law Association because I support the collaborative process when BOTH parties desire it and are fully committed to it  When there is strong buy-in from both spouses or co-parents, the collaborative process can lead to a better outcome for parties and their family as they resolve their divorce and custody disputes.

The normal litigation process can lead to additional trauma which I have witnessed firsthand.  Many times I have met someone who appears traumatized from years of litigation.  When witnessing that, I then ask myself, “What was this person like before undergoing years of litigation?”  That outcome can be avoided if everyone agrees at the outset to use the collaborative process instead.  With the help of mental health professionals and coaches, the trauma of divorce and custody battles can be lessened and addressed head on.  The collaborative process is party driven, not attorney driven.  Also it gives parties more control of the process with the help of mental health professionals and financial professionals who guide them along the way to a mutually agreeable resolution.


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