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James Walton

Desigations: Ph.D.
Mental Health Professional
Email Address:
Phone Number: 818-753-4865
Office Address:
6306 Babcock Ave.
Valley Glen, CA

About James:

Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D. has been working with families in the Los Angeles area for the past 26 years.  Unregulated emotions during the course of a divorce create blocks to agreements that cost couples more money, time, and complications than they expected.  As a team member, he assists divorcing couples out of emotional impasse toward agreement helping them work out differences saving them time, money and legal fees. Dr. Walton works with you to create a winning parenting plan that reduces stress for the entire family while assisting you with the necessary skills to co-parent effectively.  If you have children, you will know each other for the rest of your lives.  How you divorce will set the course for how you work together as co-parents with your children into the future.

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