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David Yamamoto

David Yamamoto

Office Address:
3465 Torrance B.vd
suite G
Torrance, CA

About David:

Dignity Fairness Honesty  These principles form the cornerstone of David’s practice. His goal is to provide you with the best legal service possible while ensuring that you receive the respect and understanding you deserve. He pays strict attention to your well-being throughout the legal process and he understands the personal difficulties and hardships that tend to be part of the experience. Above all, the client’s welfare is top priority. David is a Certified Family Law Specialist. He has been in practice since 1986, and remains focused on the subtleties of family law. His extensive experience and skill in this area as counselor, litigator (at least 260 divorce trials plus 23 jury trials), mediator, and collaborator has allowed his firm to achieve remarkable results for his clients. His team handles cases involving Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support, Division and Evaluation of Businesses, Investments, and Property. The firm provides litigation, collaboration, mediation, and consulting services.

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