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The Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association is proud to announce the launch of our all NEW WEBSITE!

For nearly two decades LACFLA has been one of California’s leading proponents of the Collaborative Dispute Resolution process. LACFLA strives to present quality educational programs for our members and the public at large. Part of our Mission is to help families peacefully resolve their differences. Our Members are dedicated to helping couples contemplating or going through a divorce to do so in a dignified and peaceful manner. Our multi-disciplinary professionals work together with the couple to help them meet their mutual goals and aspirations for their future.

Our NEW WEBSITE is intended to provide the public with information and resources to help explain how and why the Collaborative Process can help divorcing couples to avoid the emotional and financial devastation that is all too often experienced by divorcing couples who resort to having the Court make their decisions for them.

The LOCATE A PROFESSIONAL portion of our website is where you can find Collaborative Professional near you. Enter your zip code or other parameters to narrow your search.

Our Member Professionals include Attorneys, Mental Health Professionals and Financial Experts who all are trained in the Collaborative Process.  Most of our members offer free initial consultations to those seeking more information about a Collaborative Divorce.

The RESOURCES section of our website will provide you with valuable information and links to other websites as well as articles and other publications which all are there to help you learn how to avoid Court battles and preserve family resources.

We all know that “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Today’s Divorcing Couples frequently state that they do not want to relive their parent’s contentious divorce. They also seem to have a ferocious appetite for information, and frequently look to organizations with long standing reputations for excellence to help guide their decisions. We believe that you will find our NEW WEBSITE helpful in providing these resources to you.

For our MEMBERS, we have an all new look and approach. Our members will find it easier to locate our Professionals and to provide our members with updates on training programs and other educational opportunities. Our calendar of events also lists events that our members are sponsoring or holding. We also promote membership and public education through our new BLOG page. Members in good standing are encouraged to submit articles that help provide our members and the public with helpful insight into the world of Collaborative Dispute Resolution.

On behalf of LACFLA, thank you for your support and please visit our new website soon.

Leon F. Bennett,
President 2016-2017

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