5 Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

Benefits of a Collaborative DivorceFrequently divorce proceedings are a taxing time for families and couples. One method of reducing the tension includes considering a collaborative divorce, a more convenient approach than traditional divorce. Below we cover 5 benefits of going the collaborative divorce route:

You’ll Have More Control

You will have a greater say in choices that will affect your life; for example, the division of property, child support, and alimony. With traditional divorce, critical issues such as those are relegated to the courts and a judge will decide.

You’ll Avoid Heading to Court

The whole model of a courtroom is impersonal and adversarial. Odds are, by the end of a battle in court, you will not be on speaking terms with one another. Collaborative divorce permits you to negotiate terms which work for both of you – an excellent incentive to remain out of court.

Besides a lawyer for each spouse, a collaborative divorce takes place in neutral settings with experts of your choosing such as a mental health professional, child specialist, and financial specialist participating in meetings.

It Will Cost Less

The amount saved by going with a collaborative divorce is substantial. Average contested divorces may cost from $30,000 to $100,000 and up. In comparison, the cost of a collaborative divorce may wind up being a lot less. It’s cost-effective for all involved, even with hiring lawyers and other professionals by both sides who specialize in this process.

It’s Quicker

Divorce proceedings have been notorious for continuing for years. It is especially complex and stressful if kids are involved. The whole process of collaborative divorce works around the routine of the people getting divorced. You will more than likely be meeting in offices during times the spouses establish, which is more convenient than handling a court’s schedule.

You Will Have Less Anxiety and Stress

Divorces can be stressful by nature. Divorce stress reduces immunity, which makes you more vulnerable to illnesses. Also, for those who already have emotional turmoil or instability in their lives, divorce is even more daunting. The process of collaborative divorce ensures that your needs are acknowledged and heard in a dignified way with peaceful negotiations, which makes the situation less stressful.

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